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Can you help me understand this Writing question?the outline for this paper shou

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Can you help me understand this Writing question?the outline for this paper should be: an introduction where you introduce both the passage under analysis and the author state the author’s main argument and the points you intend to make about it provide background information if need besummarize: basically summarize the author’s main points making sure to state the author’s purpose for writing.assess: evaluate the validity of the author’s presentation distinct from your points comment on the author’s success in achieving his/her purpose by reviewing three or four specific points you might base your review on one or more: accurate information? is the information significant? has the author argues logically?respond: now it’s your turn to respond to the author’s views to you agree on which views do you agree with or not agree with.conclude:state your conclusion about the overallvalidity of the piece your assessment of the authors success at achieving his or her aims and your reactions to the authors views.Formatting: MLA formatted double spaced time new roman font 12 etc. this to be 2 pages full Requirements: two pages