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Help me study for my Humanities class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.For this p

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Help me study for my Humanities class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.For this part of your paper, please submit an outline of your paper as well as find and list a minimum of five sources (including the three primary sources – classic myth, modern myth, parallel myth theorist you have already provided, for a total of 5 listed sources). Two of your sources must be books while the other two may be journal articles, films or web sources.1. Correctly site your sources in MLA format.2. Your outline must have three levels of complexity. Example:The first level, let’s say numbered by roman numerals (I. , II. , etc.), corresponds to groups of paragraphs.The second level, which corresponds to paragraphs, is numbered by numbers (1, 2, etc)The third level, which are individual ideas in each paragraph, are numbered by letters. (a, b, c, etc…)I have attached an example of the outline, the template, the proposal that I wrote, my professors feedback for the proposal, and the Parallel Myths book which the quote from my proposal is from. The proposal that I wrote was comparing a classical myth to a modern myth. The outline has to be on the same topic that I wrote about but with a couple ideas changed (professors feedback), so basically I would need you to revise the proposal that I wrote in order to continue on to the outline. On Feb. 8 I have the full version of this paper due which is going to be 1500 words. I would need the same person who does this outline to also do that paper when the time comes. Requirements: .