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I need an explanation for this Business question to help me study.Initial post:S

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I need an explanation for this Business question to help me study.Initial post:Some organizations set up a long and complex selection process. In some people’s opinion, not only is this kind of selection process more valid, it also has symbolic value.What can the use of a long, complex selection process symbolize to job seekers?
How do you think this would affect the organization’s ability to attract the best employees?
Please share your past experience as an interviewer or interviewee as you respond to these questions.
Please respond to my classmate:Various organizations have adopted a long and complex selection model for hiring potential employees in the contemporary business world. Such a form of selection criteria is regarded to have a symbolic value and more valid to these organizations. A long and complex employment model implies that the hiring organization is ready to vet all potential candidates before settling for the one(s) who are the best fit to be employed. Since employees constitute the key organizational asset, organizations tend to abide by a long, complex hiring approach to pick the market’s best talents (Rozario et al., 2019).According to Wolgast et al. (2017), a complex and structured selection process significantly improves the organization’s ability to pinpoint job-relevant models and identify more skilled and qualified applicants, even in situations when in-group favoritism is probable. To an individual seeking a job, it may arouse various emotions. Some individuals may inhibit them from taking the vacancy due to prolonged waiting time, while others might feel a sense of security. However, I believe a long and tedious selection approach can make an applicant or a person under review for a job feel more secured and valued. Complex hiring technique makes the applicant feels certain the company is taking its time to hire the right fit individual who can blend in and integrate with the prevailing organizational culture.I believe this selection criterion would impact the hiring organization positively. Long, complex hiring approaches adopted by an organization often boost the public image and respect for such an entity. When organizations adopt structured and complex hiring methods, it enables them to acquire the best-matched and skilled employees who can subscribe to their objectives and ensure the smooth running of the business. For instance, following up with an applicant for more probing and relevant inquiries concerning the interested vacancy helps select the best applicant who can help the organization attain its goals. Therefore, an organization that adopts a complex hiring method is prone to receive applications from top talented and skilled candidates in the market as they have full trust in their selection criteria and the overall organization.ReferencesRozario, S. D., Venkatraman, S., & Abbas, A. (2019). Challenges in Recruitment and Selection Process: An Empirical Study. Challenges, 10(2), 35., S., Bäckström, M., & Björklund, F. (2017). Tools for fairness: Increased structure in the selection process reduces discrimination. PloS one, 12(12), e0189512.
Requirements: 150 words