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I need an explanation for this Business question to help me study.Paper instruct

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I need an explanation for this Business question to help me study.Paper instructions : AimThe aim of this assignment is to develop your skills for
evidence-based decision making, using a data set typical of those
you will encounter in a future job role by preparing an “Individual
Business Report” typical of the kind that managers produce to
justify their requests for budget and other resources.ScenarioFor 2020-21, the topic of this Business Report is ‘Evaluating
the Social Media for Marketers Conference and providing
recommendations for the next conference’.In this case, you are employed by a Digital Marketing Agency
that runs a small conference each year for around 150
people.The conference is intended to position the agency as thought
leaders in social media for marketing, to develop their connections
with influencers in the industry (by inviting them as speakers) and
to increase the number of organisations seeking their
services.A survey is carried out each year after the conference to
evaluate the value that attendees found in the conference, its
various sessions, and whether attendees would recommend the
conference to other people (Net Promoter Score).TaskYour Manager has given you the survey results from the last 3
years and tasked you to prepare an “Individual Business Report”
summarising the data used, methods of analysis, key findings (both
verbally and using graphs), key conclusions and subsequent
recommendations for development of a future event based upon the
survey data.Your manager has informed you that the Report will be used by
the Board of Directors to make decisions about next year’s
conference.StructureThe recommended structure of this report is:Title (not included in word count)Executive summary (c.100 words) – see final business tutorial
for how to write thisContents list (not included in word count)Figures list (see
(not included in word count)Introduction (c.200 words) – the purpose of the report/
background information.Methods (c.250 words) – the analysis methods you used on the
data including key ethical issues relating to how the data was
stored, processed and analysed.Results (c.200 words) – key findings from your analysis,
including graphsDiscussion (c.250 words) – your conclusions from your
analysisRecommendations for the next conference and any future
research (c.200 words) – i.e. any recommendations for the format
and content of the next conference and any changes to the
questionnaire,References (not included in word count)No appendix is requiredAll word counts are approximate and for guidance
only.You are encouraged to use tables, graphs and diagrams to
illustrate your work and support a business-like presentation
style.This is not expected to be a heavily referenced report, but
sources should be used to justify your recommendations, and must be
referenced in UWE Harvard style
( report is typical of those prepared on a regular basis in
a business environment, so must be professionally presented e.g.
has headings / sub-headings, is checked for grammar, and looks like
something you’d be proud to present to a business
colleague.Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are also
available in the Assignments folder on Blackboard, along with the
dataset (as both an Excel and SPSS compatible file formats), and an
outline of the questionnaire.Marking CriteriaThe following criteria will be used in evaluating this
Requirements: 1250 words