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I’m stuck on a Philosophy question and need an explanation.Please choose one of

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I’m stuck on a Philosophy question and need an explanation.Please choose one of the prompts (below) and write a paper 600 to 800 words long based on the reading material attached. Write the prompt (number and/or text) at the top of the first page. Prompts are below.PROMPTS1) Which one among the three philosophical theories of the Pure Self examined by James (Spiritualist, associationist, and transcendental) do you find more convincing? Why?2) Choose a country you have never been to. Imagine being born there. Imagine you are your age, sex, and race. Which traits of your identity and of your personality do you think would remain the same, and which would be different? Why? What does this show regarding the concept of personal identity, as studied in this module?3) There are different theories concerning what race is. According to some, we should actually stop using the concept of race. Do you think this would be useful or damaging? Why?4) What does Ian Hacking mean when he says that we “make up” people? What are his central claims? Critically assess the plausibility of his proposal.TipsUse short sentences and a straightforward style. Do not try to impress with complicated phrases or terms you are unable to explain.
Do not take it for granted that your reader already knows the topics that you are dealing with. You are expected to define explicitly the main concepts that you are using.
Make sure your paper shows that you studied and understood the materials.
State your thesis at the very beginning of your paper.
Make your argumentative steps explicit: announce them in the first paragraph, and then follow them thoroughly.
Use your own words and possibly your own examples. This demonstrates autonomy and capacity of reflection. Examples help the reader understand better what you have in mind.
It is a good idea to identify a possible objection to your argument and respond to it.
Connect the conclusion of the paper to the thesis that you stated at the beginning.
Requirements: Choose one prompt and 600-800 words, DO NOT GO OVER.