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I’m studying for my Business class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can

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I’m studying for my Business class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?I do live in Levy County Florida and the zip code is 34449. I would like to use that location to do this discussion. I was think of Publix that is located in Dunnellon Florida. It was recently open up a few years ago for my discussion. I will be needing my initial post plus 2 classmate responses that will be included with this first post.Consider a company that has a facility located in your local area. This could be a big-box store like Walmart, an automobile manufacturer like Kia, a financial services group like Citibank, or any other company of interest.Why do you suppose the company chose that location? Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of that location, and be sure to describe how the location affects other facets of the company, its trading partners (i.e., the supply chain), and the local/regional area.In response to your peers, be sure to offer suggestions for additional strengths and weaknesses of the chosen location.To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document.My 1st classmate response neededDiscussion 4-1Ariana Keating posted Jan 27, 2021 9:23 AMMain Street Bank is a small banking location used by residents. The company has 13 banking facilities total, all of which are in the state of Massachusetts. All 13 of their locations are on main roads or busy streets. The placement of each facility makes sense for overall awareness and foot traffic for the public. I will use the Main Street bank in Ayer, MA as a specific example. I believe the location of this bank is due to the high volume of other businesses and people in the town. There is a coffee shop, town hall and post office within less than a 5-minute walk from the facility. This provides a high level of convenience for residents who use this bank. There are other banks in the town, none of which are conveniently located like main street bank is. This gives the bank an upper hand, being the most attractive local bank available.Although Main Street Bank is in an optimal area the location itself is a bit crammed between other businesses and is inconvenient to get into the building itself. You must park on a busy main road and go to the back of the building to enter which is not convenient to a person who is looking for a fast-banking option. This may be considered a weakness for the business. In the other hand, the facility is within walking distance to other businesses and facilities that would provide much convenience for residents of the town. Another strength to be mentioned is that other Main Street Bank facilities are within no more than a 36-mile radius. Main Street Bank is a customer service-based operation; so being very accessible is important to the function of this company. With their customer base being only residents having multiple local options is a strength for the overall success of the business.References 2nd classmate response needed 4-1 Discussion: Evaluating a LocationDouglas Fillmore posted Jan 27, 2021 8:18 PMFor this discussion, I chose Amazon, which is currently trying to build an 800,000 square foot distribution center in my town of Kingston NH. Amazon has chosen Kingston for its new distribution center for a couple of reasons, first is that it is only 55 miles from Boston, which has a large population with higher than average incomes who often shop using Amazon services. Second is that New Hampshire has no sales tax or income tax, as you can imagine this would be beneficial to a large cooperation like Amazon. They chose Kingston over the other towns bordering Massacheussates as Kingstons property tax is much lower compared to the other towns. Kingston is also right off of the three major freeways headed to Boston, I-95, I-93, and I-495. The roads that lead to the proposed Amazon site from he freeways are strait shots with very little congestion which helps avoid delays to the delivery drivers. The roads are also adequate for the large demand a distribution center of this size would demand. The other sites Amazon was allegedly looking at (I say allegedly as Amazon has been very secretive with this process) would require extensive road construction to make sure the roads could handle the load. This new Amazon site would also service the rest of New England and is centrally located in Vermont, Maine, and Northern New Hampshire. This area of the Sea Coast also has a population sufficient to man the large workforce that building this size would require. There currently is a battle between the citizens of Kingston where it seems like half of the population are excited for the added jobs and tax that would help fund the city, the other half of the citizens do not want to lose the small-town feel that they grew up with. It’s easy to see why Amazon would choose Kingston but are they willing to try and win over the town? Amazon’s Amazing Fulfillment Warehouse Strategy. (2020, August 27). Retrieved January 28, 2021, from
Requirements: APA | Discussion | 1 pages, Double spaced