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I’m trying to learn for my Sociology class and I’m stuck. Can you help?Read the

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I’m trying to learn for my Sociology class and I’m stuck. Can you help?Read the article posted in the comments below. (Give close reading a try from last week!)…Respond to the 4 questions below by hitting “reply” in the bottom left corner. I’m not expecting essays here, just a few sentences for each question will do. I’m interested in your thinking and analysis more than your writing.After posting your response to the 4 questions below, reply and comment on the responses of at least one other student in your discussion group about one or more of the answers they gave. This can be agreement with an insight or argument (elaborate why you agree), a disagreement (say why you disagree), you can add to a response (provide another example, provide more detail), you can share a personal example, etc. I’m looking for more than a few word responses here, but engagement with one another’s ideas. Feel free to respond if someone replies to your post! Happy discussing!QUESTIONS TO RESPOND TO:a) Identify the social problem.b) Which of the causes of the social problem are cultural (e.g. shared beliefs and values), structural (opportunities and constraints), or reliant on agency (free will) or even human nature? Identify where in the article you think these different causes come into play. c) Are there disagreements about the causes in the article? Who or what is disagreeing with who or what?d) Do you find the “analysis” convincing? Why or why not, or more precisely, what could you add (i.e. another cultural or structural explanation)?
Requirements: 250