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I’m trying to study for my Psychology course and I need some help to understand

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I’m trying to study for my Psychology course and I need some help to understand this question.Write the following three paragraphs about “Love on the Spectrum” TV show” following below instructions:Professor instructionsThis activity is designed to encourage you to think critically about people with disabilities, how they are portrayed in the media and how living or working with someone with a disability may impact others and their education. Please view your movie or three episodes of your TV show that includes a character with a disability. Then write the following three paragraphs and submit it . We will discuss your findings in class on February 8. (We will also be reflecting on these movies/TV shows throughout the semester as we learn more about the characteristics of various disabilities.)Paragraph One: Give a brief overview of the plot and characters.Paragraph Two: Describe the character’s disability and then identify how another character in the movie or episodes are impacted positively and/or negatively by the disability of the character. (For example, a sibling who feels neglected or needs to take on supervising roles, finds joy in their outlook on life, etc.)Paragraph Three: Visualize the character with the disability as a student in elementary school and in high school. Predict educational considerations and possible strategies that might be needed to enhance their success in those settings. My assigned TV show:Love on the Spectrum. This is my assigned TV show
Requirements: 3 paragraphs