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The deadline on this project is firm. Do not bid if you cannot make it. Word Len

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The deadline on this project is firm. Do not bid if you cannot make it. Word Length as specified above – absolutely no more than 1000 words The word count should include the main text, including all in-text references and quotations (short and long/block), but not the questions, the cover page and the lists of works cited. The word count is taken from the first word of the introduction to the last word of the conclusion of each answer. Referencing: MLA Referencing style You need to demonstrate engagement with at least one (1 or more) of the secondary sources i have attached. Do not conduct broader research. ANSWER ONE (1) of the following questions. Let me know which one your choose. In your answer please provide specific examples from the play. Make sure that you introduce these examples and explain how they contribute to your argument. 1. Critics have debated whether or not race is crucial to understanding William Shakespeare’s play Othello. How important is race to understanding the tragic turn of events in this play? 2. Shakespeare’s Othello portrays a world divided by race and gender. With regard to these two factors, compare how characters are introduced at the opening of the play, to how things unravel as the tragic crisis develops. 3. In Shakespeare’s Othello we see a glimpse of contemporary debates about ‘the woman question’, that is, about women’s rights, social position, and intellectual capacities. Overall, does the play represent female rebellion as a dangerous and potentially disruptive force that must be shut down and contained?