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TOPIC: Bullying in the workplace As you begin exploring any issue, a scholarly r

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TOPIC: Bullying in the workplace As you begin exploring any issue, a scholarly review of the literature must be the first step. As professionals, nurses must use an evidenced-based practice approach to problem solving. Students will conduct a scholarly literature search on a management issue that has been assigned to you. The student’s submission for this assignment reflects only a preliminary examination of the current literature on this topic. The student will submit a one-page paper (plus title page and reference page) for this assignment. The student will identify at least five scholarly publications that directly address the assigned topic. These articles and topic will be used for this assignment as well as the Review of Literature (ROL) Presentation, and the Leadership Paper. **If you use a study from outside the United States, you must make sure the study, data and results are applicable to the American healthcare system. Please note the country of origin of all studies you include in this assignment.** At least one of the five publications must be a primary research study. This means one publication will be found in a peer-reviewed journal that relays the details of at least one specific research study conducted on the identified topic. The primary report of a research study includes identifiable variables, description of the study design, the specified statistical analysis performed on the data collected, and implications of the significant findings. At least two of the five scholarly publications must be published in professional journals from a discipline outside of nursing, and one of these is to be chosen from a business, leadership, or management journal. An example of a non-nursing professional journal is the Harvard Business Review or the Journal of Public Health. All five scholarly articles must be current (published within the past five years). You MUST include a minimum of one (preferably more) article from a nursing or nursing-related journal. Electronically save the articles (pdf version is preferred) for submission with this assignment. The articles must be submitted with the assignment or it will not be graded. NOTE: When you are submitting article copies on-line, create a name for the file as it is uploaded that reflects the author and/or subject matter (i.e. Smith_teambuilding; Jones_bullying). Consider including the publication year to aid in recovering this article in the future. On this one page (plus title page and reference page) paper the student will identify each publication and clearly state the personal reason for selecting each publication relative to the topic. For example, one hypothetical source could be summarized as follows: “My topic is environmental health for Emergency Center nurses in acute care settings. In the Journal of Public Health, Smith (2016) reported six steps used by middle-managers to improve teamwork among first-responders. Their position is a collaborative, collegial team improves individual safety. This was chosen because three of those steps transfer readily to nurses working in the hospital Emergency Center.”