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Congratulations! Not only is this your final Process Post, but we’re almost all


Congratulations! Not only is this your final Process Post, but we’re almost all the way through the semester. By this point, you have completed a significant amount of work and writing as you composed and revised your Primary Source Analysis, Annotated Bibliography, Secondary Source Integration Paper, Rough Draft Analytical Research Paper, and Symposium. As you polish your final draft of the Analytical Research Paper, and with so much great work behind you now, this is a prime time to reflect on everything you’ve done and learned this semester.Assignment PurposeThe purposes of this final Process Post are for you to:Reflect on your work, learning, and writing processesConsider how you might use these reflections and skills in future academic, professional, and personal writingAssignment Instructions1. Reflect on the work you’ve done this semester to prepare for both your ARP and your Symposium Presentation and write a short reflection (200-300 words) on what you found most rewarding, challenging, fun, thought-provoking, etc. about your projects this semester. You might use the following questions to guide your thinking:What aspect of your ARP or Symposium Presentation are you most proud of? Why?Is there some aspect of how you worked on your projects this semester that you would change if you had it to do over again? Would you collect more sources? Ask your peers to read your ARP draft? Practice your Symposium Presentation more before presenting it to the class?If you had your ARP and/or Symposium Presentation to do over again, would you do anything differently? Would you choose a different topic or sources? Why or why not?2. Respond to the following questions (150-200 words total):What did you learn about rhetoric and rhetorical analysis? Have you noticed that in your everyday life you now think about how commercials, websites, videos, etc. are communicating rhetorically?In what ways do you feel you can make use of this rhetorical knowledge in your everyday life, not just professionally but personally?Tips and ResourcesYou may find it helpful (and interesting!) to revisit your First Day Writing as a way of measuring how much your understanding of the course, your experiences, and your writing has grown this semester.
Requirements: 250   |   .ppt file