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Post a brief statement (300 words) of how you as researcher, might use the Atten


Post a brief statement (300 words) of how you as researcher, might use the Attention Skill in each of the three major phases of a research project: planning the study and collecting data, working with data, and communicating your findings. Indicate your research question or hypothesis; whether the study is quantitative, qualitative, or mixed; and in which of the four application areas or contexts (individual, small group. larger group, global community) you would be conducting the study and/or applying the findings.Use the IRS Template #1 to organize your attention skill assignment (see below).Attached is my assignment from last week + template 1-Template 1 (To be used during Weeks 3 & 4)Research Question/Hypothesis:
Type of Study – Qualitative/Quantitative/ Mixed:
Sample: Individual, small group/organization, large group, global community/environment:
First Phase: Preparing for research* Skill use* Skill useSecond Phase: Collecting data* Skill use* Skill useThird Phase: Working with data* Skill use* Skill useFourth Phase: Communicating findings* Skill use* Skill useGeneral considerations about the skill assignmentsWe are trying through these integral research skills (working with intention, working with attention, etc.) to bring first into imagination, and later on into reality, not only a good plan for our research, but a good plan that will come to fruition the way we envision it, the way we intend it to be. This endeavor is similar to the creative process of the scientists presented in Sparks of genius. Upon sustained immersion into the realization of an idea, one might access transpersonal sources of knowledge and creativity, and might get some brilliant insights. With conscious focused intention and attention, the vision carries the project to fruition. And so through these skill assignments, by envisioning the development of our study and by employing alternative ways of being and knowing (such as cultivating intention and attention related to our research ideas), we are endeavoring to create that vision that will carry us through to fruition. Furthermore, these integral research skills (intuition, unconscious processes, empathy, imagery) are employed regularly in qualitative research methods.
Requirements: Fill in the template   |   .doc file