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Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluation for Adult is to be submitted as a written pape


Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluation for Adult is to be submitted as a written paper (with title page and references per APA) Please follow the 2 pages rubric and the sample GUIDE page I provided. It should be with 8 to 9 references.Include in your assessment a work-up and/or questions for adult-specific disorders. What diagnostic tests/screening tools would you use for the adult?Include in your assessment a genogram – a minimum of 3 generations back from the patient and ifthey have children or grandchildren then also going forward. Watch for patterns.Include in your treatment plan specific types of therapy that are used when working with adultswith the diagnosis, you have chosen.Address in your narrative how family structure and dynamics affect the diagnosis and treatmentof your patient. What are the family dynamics for this patient and how does it affect the mentalstatus of this patient.What developmental stage should the patient be in based on chronological age and is the patientin that stage?Address parenting styles that you observed with your patient and the family and whether thesewere working or not working.How does the family culture affect the diagnosis and treatment plan for this patient?How did the patient’s family of origin impact this patient and the way the patient has adapted towork, school, and current family life?How do the patient’s diagnosis impact this patient and the way the patient has adapted to work,school and current family life?What is this patient’s biggest stressor and how can the patient be taught to deal with it in ahealthier manner?what to cover below (sub headings0Have to cover these?Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluation for AdultIdentifying Data: 30 years old Hispanic American male, single with no child, mentally disabled, and unemployed. Summary: Background: Case presentation:Demographics:Source and Reliability: Chief Complaint: History of present illness: Current Medications: Olanzapine 15 mg, 1 tablet orally once a day, Sertraline 50 mg, 1 tablet orally once a day, Clonazepam 0.5mg, 1 tablet at bedtime orally once a day, Montelukast (Singulair) 10mg tablet po daily, Albuterol inhaler 1- 2 inhalations every 4 to 6 hours.Past Psychiatric History: Past Psychiatric Medication: Olanzapine 10 mg tablet, 1 tablet orally at bedtimeSubstance Use/Abuse: Medical History: Allergies: Family HistoryDevelopmental / Social HistoryMental Status ExamAssets and Liabilities:Physical ExaminationDiagnostic TestsCase Formulation SectionDifferential Diagnoses Other psychiatric illnesses Anatomic lesionsDSM 5 Diagnosis with ICD 10 Code Paranoid Schizophrenia – F20.0 (primary) Schizoid personality disorder – F60.1 Moderate intellectual disability – F71Treatment PlanPharmacology:Labs:Evidence-Based non-pharmacological interventionPatient & Family Education: Referrals:Psychotherapy Treatment PlanMedication adherence therapy (MAT): Family intervention therapy (FI): Outcome and Follow-Up:Discussion: Student Signature and DateLearning PointsStrengths and Deficits of Write UpGenogramReferences-5
Requirements: see above   |   .doc file