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Scenario: ScenarioAn airport management organisation is responsible for handling


Scenario: ScenarioAn airport management organisation is responsible for handling baggage of the passengers. Currently, there are many problems with baggage systems and complaints for baggage lost are increasing. The company wants to track the baggage in the airport from unloading until passenger receives it. They decided to deploy IoT sensors with short-range communication in the airport, which can detect any baggage. The information about last reported location of baggage is sent to base station, which is connected to Internet. This information should be accessible to staff. You should write a report of around 2000 words describing design, simulation and security aspects of new system. 1.Solution should address detailed design of the IOT system: including •The HW platform/ Processor (s) •The operating system and drivers •The sensors and actuators. •The physical channel — BLE/Zigbee etc (Remember short range/ not to interfere with other) •The logical channel — What protocols the SW uses to transport these messages (HTTP / MQTT etc) •Network/connectivity topology •Maintenance •Data Storage •Data Access •Cost 2.Your report must also include details of simulation of the scenario to demonstration communication using appropriate simulation tool. Requirement of the simulation are a.A static network of 50+ nodes with one or two base station nodes b.Tracking of a moving node (luggage) c.Transmission of approximate Current location (of moving node) to base station at periodic intervals I will need all the files from cupcarbon to be send to me in a zip file (from the project)