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The following questions are blackboard questions the answers do not need to be e


The following questions are blackboard questions the answers do not need to be extensive. 1. Reflect on someone you know, a leader, whom you believe is an effective decision maker. What are some of the characteristics this person displays? What is the specific decision-making model this person appears to use? What have you learned from this person’s approach that you would use in your approach? 2. Describe a situation where you witnessed ineffective or unethical communication. The situation does not have to be in a work environment. In your post, respond to the questions below: Was anything said or done because of the communication? If so, explain what was done and by whom, and whether you agree with the action that was taken. If no action was taken, what do you believe should have been done? 3.When working within a group, it is possible that the members will develop too many different viewpoints and goals to work effectively. This interaction among team members can account for ethical failures within a team. Two signs of this danger is groupthink and mismanaged agreement. Which do you think has more potential to be destructive to the group: groupthink or mismanaged agreement? Why? 4. Consider your organization What are a few values and practices of the organizational culture?Using Schein’s Iceberg Model, what are a few cultural norms “underneath the water?” Are these norms good or bad?