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DirectionsBefore answering the questions, make sure to watch the lecture in its

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DirectionsBefore answering the questions, make sure to watch the lecture in its entirety. In addition, you can access the Zoom lecture here.Please let us know immediately if the link does not work for you. *Note: You will not be able to answer the Top Hat questions presented during the live class. Instead, you are required to answer the questions listed below. Post- Lecture Responses QuestionsFor full points, you must respond to each question in at least 3-5 sentences. Please use the question and answer format, writing the question immediately before your response. What do you need to be, do, or have to have a good quality of life? What are barriers to your life quality? What supports your life quality? In the lecture, we discussed ableism. Give one example of how ableism impacted Joaquin’s life or the life of any of the students who shared during the lecture.Explain presuming competence as it relates to Joaquin’s story. How does the life quality of people relate to the presumption of competence? One of our students mentioned that “a barrier to life quality is when we assume that we’ve already done the work.” Please elaborate on what the student was referring to. Can you think of other examples where this holds true?