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Week 6 Mini Assessment: CMS Compare Site: Metrics from a Consumer’s View Formatt

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Week 6 Mini Assessment: CMS Compare Site: Metrics from a Consumer’s View Formatting: APA 7th Edition APA Formatted Cover Page Downloaded CMS Comparison (PDF) APA Formatted Essay on CMS Compare Site APA Reference Page: (You do not need to cite the CMS Compare Site. If using other references, please include them on the reference page. Remember, every reference must have a correlating in-text citation.) Instructions: Due Tuesday in Week 6 by 11:59 pm EST Background: Many healthcare consumers research providers, facilities, hospital, and practices prior to obtaining care or healthcare services. CMS regulates many healthcare industries, making publicly recorded data available to people based on specific measures and metrics. This week we learned about different measures, metrics, and performance improvement considerations, while a manager needs to understand these concepts and be able to deliver on these specific elements, the manager should also understand how consumers may utilize these metrics from a consumption standpoint and consumers’ view. Understanding how a consumer selects their care, influences your operations, revenue, and potential overall potential. Additionally, understanding the CMS comparison sites allows you to review your competition and determine the different areas that your organization may need to improve upon, build upon, or showcase. While there are many sources of data, one of the most common forms that consumers use to evaluate the care delivery options is through the use of CMS, as their is different information that is provided from a public perspective. Short Essay: Using the CMS Compare Site, provided in the links below, select an industry of interest and search three facilities or practices in your area. Once you have selected your three facilities, providers, or practices, within your industry of interest, then download your report from the CMS Compare Site. (Note: You may need to select the Print option on your website browser and save the comparison information from CMS as a PDF in order to be able to upload your comparison to the assignment dropbox. You can also provide a screenshot, if you are unable to download the comparison report of your selected healthcare entities.) Provide a two to three paragraph description about your experience using this site and how this site may be helpful from a consumers’ perspective. Please remember to include the industry you selected and identify the three facilities, practices, hospitals, or services that you selected for comparison in your submission with your city and state being provided. CMS Compare Site: CMS Information on Quality Programming: